About P.A.S. system

To respond to those who accuse us of being catastrophic in the gold market…

We premise that the P.A.S. system find a potential market set up. Only if certain conditions on an intraday basis are met the P.A.S. system establish a position (not only for the weekly setup).

This is different from the study of an hypothetical scenario of market (eg. for the GOLD market the trend will be down for one, two weeks or months and then at a certain price will be up).


GOLD MARKET EXAMPLE (see the post of 5 October, 2016):

The P.A.S. system has indicated repeated setup sell from July and 3 October came into short position and exit at 1260 (2016-10-13) with a gain of 56 points.

Now, when the system will point upward the probability that the downtrend is over will be high. The system can’t tell in advance where and when the downtrend will end… unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball…