Sasafuturestrading gives specific, easy to follow advice in Advance. Typically, we start our indicator search on greater time frames (weekly) to establish the overall trading environment. To day trade, we then move to smaller and smaller time periods in search of shorter-term indications which confirm these results. Once our entry has occurred, we then repeat the process to locate and ideal low-risk exit point. We are very mechanical in our trading approach, we examine markets with an indicator checklist. Once we obtain a general picture of the market (on a weekly basis), we can make our trades accordingly.

With n°9 online-traded futures contracts, investors can trade a variety of Futures products, including:
  • Energy Futures: Crude oil & Natural gas
  • Precious Metal Futures: Gold & Copper
  • Financial Futures: 10-Year T-Note, Dollar Index & S&P500
  • Agricultural Futures: Corn & Soybeans

Every Weekend the website focuses on what are the best trading opportunities coming up in the following week.

Only if certain conditions are met the PAS System establish a position on a daily or intraday basis, not only for the weekly setup.